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Broadcast sales information for the entire company, as well as each store‚Äôs running sales total for the week, day, hour or even every 15 minutes! Compare this data to the same time period a year ago.

Use this powerful forecasting tool to view department sales trends and plan ahead.

Knowledge is power. Maximize your sales by actively involving your associates.

What Can You Do With Sales Flash By N2 Retail?

  • Access information anywhere and anytime using your mobile devices.
  • Enter notes on days when exceptional circumstances may affect sales. (i.e. road closures, weather, last-minute catering, etc.)
  • Create projected sales for the week by department or by store.
  • Keep up to date with new information every 15 minutes, or choose your own time interval for updates.
  • Include/exclude non-merchandise departments i.e. stamps, gift cards, etc. Your accounting department will need this information for their reports.
  • Set privilege levels and get your team actively involved. Create competition between stores and/or departments.
  • Customize your display to view data that’s most imporant to you.
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SALES FLASH by N2 RETAIL is the most valuable tool that my team and I have to directly impact results department by department.

—Chris Carpenter - COO, Nugget Markets

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This SaaS solution requires NO additional hardware or personnel, and will be up and running in a flash!

For more than 10 years, the Nugget Markets team has been developing custom software to maximize efficiency, accuracy, volume and communication in retail settings. With a strong track record of success, N2 RETAIL is excited to bring these innovative software solutions to the market!

Unleash the power of knowledge, empower your team and drive sales.